02 November 2005


Halloween was fun. It started on Thursday when the fella brought home a costume and a jack-o-lantern basket for Hazel and she tried it on with pure joy in her heart. When I got out the camera she pulled up the ears and told me she was a dog. Get this down on film, mama, I'm a dog! We took a trial walk around the block. So, so, so cute.

We went to a party Saturday night, which was fun enough for Hazel, but more fun for me since I got to chat with the owner of a local toystore that is not all gross and yucko, like Toys r Us. I was a little bit starstruck, because toys have consumed my brain lately.

Monday night we took a walk around the block and Hazel was timid at first. We rehearsed her lines over and over again, but her timing was a bit off and her vocal projection was absent, totally absent. "Trick or treat," she would whisper at the same moment the stranger was effusing over her cuteness. "Happy Halloween," she would say with a little more confidence, once her back was turned and their door was nearly closed. After awhile she took to telling people, "Good job!" after they gave her candy. And, "Have a nice day!" as we walked back down the front paths to the sidewalk. The first couple of houses freaked her out, but once she caught on that people were liking her and giving her something she was all for it. We probably went to ten houses, mostly people we know. We wanted to show her off, take a family walk, and get home in time to give out candy ourselves.

When we walked in the door, Hazel walked straight into the kitchen, plopped down on the floor and examined her loot.

It was also an adventure for her to have people come up to our door over and over again. Her dad taught her to say, "SOOKIE!" (spooky). She sampled some candy, had a sugar rush, crashed, ate some protein, and slept beautifully. The next morning she awoke and said, "Sookie?" "Halloween?" "Pumpkin?" I gave her the empty pumpkin and she was a little disappointed that there was no candy, but she moved on quickly. Wait until she gets a load of Christmas.

Happy Halloween! Good Job! Have a nice day! Trick or Treat! Sookie!

**I'm sorry the pictures are so small. That was the only way I could get them to upload.