29 January 2006

Just one more time?

I can list many persuasive and intelligent reasons why having another child right now would not be a good idea. But I'm reading this birth story and my womb is tugging on my sleeve, begging, "pleeeeeeaaaase! c'mon! can't we? Can't we?." It's like this everywhere I go. many people I know are pregnant right now, and as I hear of each new announcement I feel the yank, pull, tug, enormous powerful urge to get another life going inside of my body. I recite my nocando list to myself each time (no money and no time top the list, which is then completed with dwindling patience, and a dislike of actually being pregnant not to mention how torturous the sleep deprivation of infancy was.....), while some part of my brain is scheming about hiding condoms and imagining hazel overseeing a little brother or sister. GET ME AWAY FROM THE PREGNANT LADIES AND NEW MOTHERS. THEY ARE DANGEROUS!


  • At 2/01/2006 9:52 AM, Blogger Sara said…

    so with you, here...

    btw -- I think the four molars are coming in at the same time.



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