30 April 2006

baby, it's time to get back to the basics of love

Spring tripped over itself and turned into summer quite suddenly. Or so it seemed last week as we began to melt around the edges. So we dug the kiddie pool out of the garage and filled 'er up. I know Hazel's butt must have been sore the next day, because her big kiddie pool thrill was jumping into it and landing on her rear over and over again for a half hour or more. I took pictures while she caught air repeatedly.

I should have been slathering her in sunblock and shooing her into the shade instead of taking photos. If you look closely at the pictures you can see her skin being singed and her eczema switch flipping on. I DID use sunblock and this sun and water play did happen during the early evening. I thought we were being pretty safe, but she turned up red the next day and has had alligator skin ever since.

The whole eczema thing is weird to me. Until recently she had that baby smooth skin that is so yummy, you just touch it and touch it. Then she started getting red patches on her wrists and elbows. Now and then she gets them on her sides, back and ankles. We feed her omega-3 rich flax seed oil, bathe her in vitamin E and we have (mostly) cut out cow's milk. But apparently a day in the sun negates all of that. This dry thick crust develops all over her body and it's itchy. "Don't scratch!" I admonish her. "I'm just rubbing," she says with wide eyes. Then she tries to hide in a corner or under the covers where she thinks I don't know what's going on. I hope she outgrows this. I don't think it's fair that she might not get to spend summer playing in the sun. I spent $11 on a bottle of lotion with three eczema battling testimonials on the side. Wish her luck.


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    um. hi. your blog title comes from the c&w song about lukenbach, texas. you realise i must, at a minimum, give you a gentle tweaking about this.


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