10 April 2006

labor fruit

We've been busy pushing up our shirtsleeves and getting the lettuce planted

and the easter eggs colored.

Kissing and giggling, making messes and cleaning them up. Laughing and getting snippy. Some of us think it's just so much fun to douse ourselves in water fully clothed, even if we'll catch our death of cold. Some of us think it's pretty stinking funny to throw breakable objects at the exact moment that our mothers tell us to put the objects down. Some of us crumble to the floor in a wailing miserable mess just because we're not allowed to watch Elmo's World marathons. Some of us are lucky we're cute, you know?

The rest of us are tired. Most of the time it's a happy tired, and sometimes it's more tired than that.

Today was a good day. Spring is breaking through. We've been spending more time outside and we've all been more energetic. The additional energy has really added a new dimension to Hazel's capabilities. She's less interested in eating and more interested in prodding us about like show horses. She makes a multitude of demands and meets our resistance with various responses. The hardest to resist is, "Please, want to play with me, please?" in her bestest wheedle. "Want to decorate Easter eggs with me?" We're teaching her all sorts of rhymes and now we shout through the house, "Oh my goodness, Oh my dear; Sassafrass and ginger beer; Chocolate cake and apple punch; I'm too full to eat my lunch!"


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