14 July 2006

Four day countdown to the five hour cross-country flight with just me and my toddler. My biggest worry (aside from the usual "don't let this plane nosedive right now, pleasepleaseohplease") is getting through the airport with the toddler, the necessary bag o' tricks, and the carseat. Last year Hazel was small enough for the Ergo backpack carrier, but this year she's walking or in my arms. All forty pounds of her. With the awkward car seat also in my arms.

Provided the travelling goes well, the rest should be mostly fun. Hazel will see family she's never met. Older girl cousins! I think she'll like that. She'll miss her daddy and he'll miss her, but they'll have a happy reunion soon enough.


  • At 7/17/2006 11:33 AM, Blogger K said…

    Just got a chance to check out her pix... Good Christ she's beautiful. :) Nice work, mama....nice work!


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